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Rural Identity

Women’s Work? The Relationship Between Farm Work and Gender Self Perception

Rural Sociology

Midwest or Lesbian? Gender, Rurality, and Sexuality

Gender & Society

Disrupting Cultural Selves: Constructing Gay and Lesbian Identities in Rural Locales

Qualitative Sociology

Rural and Urban Communities

The SAGE Encyclopedia of LGBTQ Studies

Family & Law

Doing Family: The Reproduction of Heterosexuality in Accounts of Parenthood

Journal of Sociology

How Law Shapes Experiences of Parenthood for Gay and Lesbian Couples

Journal of GLBT Family Studies

Logics of Freedom: Debating Religious Freedom Laws and Gay and Lesbian Rights

Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World


Law and Family Formation among LGBQ-Parent Families

Family Court Review


Backlash or a Positive Response? Public Opinion of LGB Issues after Obergefell v. Hodges

Journal of Homosexuality

Checking Privilege at the Door: Men’s Reflections on Masculinity in Women’s and Gender Studies Courses

Gender Issues

Law and LGBQ-Parent Families

Sexuality & Culture

Examining the Nuance in Public Opinion of Pro-LGB Policies in a "Red State"

Sexuality Research & Social Policy

The Law’s the Law, Right?' Sexual Minority Mothers Navigating Legal Inequities and Inconsistencies

Sexuality Research and Social Policy

Law and Same-Sex Couples’ Experiences of Childbirth

Health and Well-being of Sexual Minority Couples

A Red-State View of Religious Liberty and Non-Discrimination Protection for LGBT people


Culture & Family

Reconciling LGB and Christian Identities in the Rural South

Social Sciences

Getting ‘Bi' in the  Family: Bisexual People’s Disclosure Experiences

Journal of Marriage and Family 

Masculinities in Cyberspace: An Analysis of Portrayals of Manhood in Men’s Rights Activist Websites

Social Sciences

Attitudes toward Motherhood among U.S. Sexual Minority Women

Journal  of Family Issues

Same-Sex Marriage in a Welcoming World: Rights Consciousness of Heterosexuals in Liberal Religious Institutions

Sexuality Research and Social Policy

Advice When Children Come Out: The Cultural ‘Tool-Kits’ of Parents

Journal of Family Issues


Hetero-romantic Love and Heterosexiness in Children's G-Rated Films

Gender & Society

Journal Volume

Special Issue: Geographies of Sexualities (Forthcoming)

Journal of Lesbian Studies

    Journal of Lesbian Studies Special Issue Table of Contents:

Not in Our Community: Queer Women Challenge Religious Homophobia in Rural Kentucky

Bernadette Barton and Ashley Currier


“Not in My Name”: The Anti-Racist Praxis of Mab Segrest & Minnie Bruce Pratt

Amanda Mixon


Racialized Sexualization & Agency in Exotic Dance Among Women

Cristina Khan


Queer space and alternate queer geographies: LBQ women and the search for sexual partners at two LGBTQ-friendly American universities

Janelle M. Pham


Queer Anthropophagy: Building Women-Centered LGBT+ Space in Northeastern Brazil

Sarah Nicholus


Making Lesbian Space at the Edge of Europe: Queer Spaces in Istanbul

Ozlem Atalay and Petra L. Doan


Balancing Lesbian Safety and Visibility: Community Building Strategies in South Korea

Chelle Jones


“You Out-Gayed the Gays”: Gay Aesthetic Power and Lesbian, Bisexual, and Queer Women in LGBTQ Spaces

Amy Stone


“That crosscountry 1969 vw squareback and holiday inn affair”: Lesbian mobility

Liz Millward

From Situated Space to Social Space: Dyke Bar Commemoration as Reparative Action

Japonica Brown-Saracino

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