​Law and Sexuality

Logics of Freedom: Debating Religious Freedom Laws and Gay and Lesbian Rights

Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World

Backlash or a Positive Response? Public Opinion of LGB Issues after Obergefell v. Hodges

Journal of Homosexuality

A Red-State View of Religious Liberty and Non-Discrimination Protection for LGBT people


Masculinities in Cyberspace: An Analysis of Portrayals of Manhood in Men’s Rights Activist Websites

Social Sciences

Same-Sex Marriage in a Welcoming World: Rights Consciousness of Heterosexuals in Liberal Religious Institutions

Sexuality Research and Social Policy

Geography and Sexuality

Special Issue: Geographies of Sexualities

Journal of Lesbian Studies

Midwest or Lesbian? Gender, Rurality, and Sexuality

Gender & Society

Disrupting Cultural Selves: Constructing Gay and Lesbian Identities in Rural Locales

Qualitative Sociology

Examining the Nuance in Public Opinion of Pro-LGB Policies in a "Red State"

Sexuality Research & Social Policy

Reconciling LGB and Christian Identities in the Rural South

Social Sciences

Women’s Work? The Relationship Between Farm Work and Gender Self Perception

Rural Sociology


Rural and Urban Communities

The SAGE Encyclopedia of LGBTQ Studies

Family and Sexuality

Doing Family: The Reproduction of Heterosexuality in Accounts of Parenthood

Journal of Sociology

How Law Shapes Experiences of Parenthood for Gay and Lesbian Couples

Journal of GLBT Family Studies

Law and Family Formation among LGBQ-Parent Families

Family Court Review

Law and LGBQ-Parent Families

Sexuality & Culture

The Law’s the Law, Right?' Sexual Minority Mothers Navigating Legal Inequities and Inconsistencies

Sexuality Research and Social Policy

Law and Same-Sex Couples’ Experiences of Childbirth

Health and Well-being of Sexual Minority Couples

Attitudes toward Motherhood among U.S. Sexual Minority Women

Journal  of Family Issues

Getting ‘Bi' in the  Family: Bisexual People’s Disclosure Experiences

Journal of Marriage and Family 

Advice When Children Come Out: The Cultural ‘Tool-Kits’ of Parents

Journal of Family Issues


Hetero-romantic Love and Heterosexiness in Children's G-Rated Films

Gender & Society