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Law and Sexuality
The law is a central site where meanings about sexuality are constructed and contested. 
Emily's research focuses on changes in the law.
Her work analyzes trends in attitudes towards LGBTQ rights.
She also studies how legal inequities matter in LGBTQ-parent families.

Geography and Sexuality
Place is encoded with meanings about sexuality insofar as certain spaces, like cities, are assumed to be LGBTQ-friendly, while small towns are assumed to be hostile to LGBTQ lives.
Emily's research challenges these assumptions and shows that gays and lesbians in small towns are out, visible, and accepted.

She is also the editor of the book, Geographies of Sexualities (Routledge, 2023)
Family and Sexuality

Families are complicated and changing. 

Emily's research looks to families as places where cultural meanings about sexuality are negotiated and reworked. 

Her work focuses on how LGBTQ people decide to come out to family members and how family members respond to their loved ones coming out. 

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