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Emily is an award-winning teaching and mentor. 

"Kazyak is kind, attentive, reliable, prepared, a great force in the classroom!"

"Her method of teaching in the classroom has broken the stereotypes that I had come to expect within an undergraduate setting, and has proven to me what a difference one teacher can make in a student's life."

"So much of the class challenged me in very productive and fruitful ways. I really felt myself grow in this class.”


“These issues we talked about in class aren't restricted to the classroom! These conversations and readings will stay with me and have already changed some of the stances I take on relevant issues.”

She has been awarded the Distinguished College Teaching Award by the UNL College of Arts & Sciences, the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Graduate Education by the UNL Office of Graduate Studies, and the Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award by the Nebraska Association of Sociology Graduate Students.

Emily also serves as the advisor for the LGBTQ/Sexuality Minor


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