In 2016, I was awarded the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Graduate Education by the UNL Office of Graduate Studies.

This university-wide award is given annually to one Full Professor and one Assistant or Associate Professor.


I was also awarded the Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award by the Nebraska Association of Sociology Graduate Students.



"Her method of teaching in the classroom has broken the stereotypes that I had come to expect within an undergraduate setting, and has proven to me what a difference one teacher can make in a student's life."


“These issues we talked about in class aren't restricted to the classroom! These conversations and readings will stay with me and have already changed some of the stances I take on relevant issues.”


“Dr. Kazyak structured an amazing class, one of the best theory classes I have ever taken.”


“She is passionate about the subject matter.”


"She encourages discussion and critical thought."


“I appreciated the dialogue, but more so that it was guided. Dr. Kazyak answered questions and facilitated discussion more than other professors.”



As the above recognition and comments from student evaluations illustrate, I am a dedicated and effective teacher. I have consistently received high teaching evaluations in each of the classes I have taught at UNL, which include: Introduction to LGBTQ Studies, Sexuality and the State, Sociology of  Social Change: Sex and SocietySociological Theory, Senior Sociology Capstone SeminarContemporary Sociological Theory, Publications Seminar, and a graduate seminar focused on LGBTQ Families.


I also mentor students outside of the classroom. I regularly collaborate with graduate and undergraduate students on research projects, which oftentimes results in co-authored publications. I also work with graduate students with research interests in sexuality, identity, and family from a variety of disciplines including English, Communication Studies, Psychology, and Survey Research and Methodology, and Psychology. I have also advised undergraduate students completing honors theses on topics related to LGBTQ studies.


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