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Law and Sexuality

Americans’ support for transgender rights has declined. Here’s why.

The Washington Post

Devil in the detail of SCOTUS ruling on workplace bias puts LGBTQ rights and religious freedom on collision course

The Conversation

SCOTUS Ruling Not End All

Nebraska Public Radio

Nebraskans Who Support and Oppose Religious Freedom Laws Actually Share Many of the Same Values


Nebraskans Support LGBT Protections

Lincoln Journal Star


Majority of Nebraskans Support LGBT Non-Discrimination Workplace Laws

Nebraska Public Radio


Nebraskans Skeptical About Religious Freedom Laws

Nebraska Public Radio


Statewide Survey Shows Nebraska Breaking Red State Stereotype on Social Issues

Nebraska Public Radio


Geography and Sexuality

Is She a Lesbian or Just From the Midwest?



Why Lesbians and Gay Men Don’t Live in the Same Areas

Pacific Standard Magazine


Prairie Home Companions

Pacific Standard Magazine


Gender and Acceptance of Lesbian Women and Gay Men in Small Town, USA

Gender & Society Blog


Family and Sexuality

Motherhood Complex for Lesbians, Bi Women

Washington Blade


Study: Income Affects Legal Info Available to Same-Sex Families

UNL Today

The Dumbest Stereotypes That Almost Stopped Bisexual People From Coming Out.


Why Are There No Gay Disney Characters?



Merida From Brave Isn’t a Lesbian, But She Could Be



Hot Button: Disney’s ‘Hetero’ Bias

The Washington Times


Researchers: Disney Movies “Elevate” Heterosexuality



Disney Needs to Start Waving Around a Rainbow Flag


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